México & Colombia

Challenge: Allow you to collect money and make payments online in Colombia in a simple way via mobile.

Solution: In 2013 we created a stable and secure platform in one of the most difficult countries to make Fintech. We made it easy for thousands of people and companies to collect money through banked and unbanked channels. We were the pioneers in Colombia and Mexico in receiving payments through QR codes and PINs.

Pagomío was sold to Gluky Group in 2015.

DroneGroup MX


Challenge: Expand the limits of aerial cinematography through Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Solution: In 2012, starting as a game, we assembled our first Octacopter Drone with carbon, DJI accessories and a Canon 5D MarkIII camera. Since Brushless technology was completely new at the time, we created our own navigation algorithms for different altitudes and flight conditions.
6 months later we became the first Professional Aerial Cinematography company in Mexico expanding the limits to hundreds of film and television production companies.


United States of America

Challenge: Improve the control, analysis and storage of data generated daily by hundreds of millions of minutes of daily telephone calls.

Solution: Process millions of data per second has been one of the most challenging and exciting tasks that our team has had, not only we managed to overcome the challenges proposed but also create an ecosystem of innovation in the company to solve all the variables that has this emblematic automatic communications company CPaaS.


United States of America

Challenge: Permanently collect and organize data related to prospects for business.

Solution: Thanks to the Natural Language Processor and Machine Learning, we identify general management changes in companies, basically segmented companies for prospects and detected changes in the C Level and in news announcements. This allows clients to have real-time negotiation opportunities.

CrossBorder Solutions

America, Asia & Europe

Challenge: Improve the adaptation of global companies to different international tax regulations.

Solution: We built a voice control and voice recognition platform to implement automatic wizards through AWS and ALEXA and improve the adjustments that companies must make according to the legislation of the countries in which they do business.


United States of America

Challenge: That all farmers in Nebraska could buy a drone for scouting to recognize the quality of corn growth.

Solution: We help farmers to detect anomalies in crops and give possible predictions about the reason that generates them. This thanks to a web application connected with drones easy to use in mobile app.


United States of America

Challenge: Compare the content of a website with the pages of the competition

Solution: We were able to create tracking applications with scrapping in the construction market with the content published by similar companies, we were able to make the company more competitive by having automatic tools for content topics and service offerings.

Lincoln Stars

United States of America

Challenge: Create an app that allow the fans gain information about the team.

Solution: We were able to bring the fans of the emblematic Hockey team closer together, so that they could place bets with the scores of the players, while they receive minute by minute information about the match. The system scores points to fans who get their bets right.

Family Pet Project

United States of America

Challenge: Create a personality-based dog adoption platform

Solution: There are thousands of dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted and developing a tool that connects with interested people seems obvious. Not only do we manage to connect people with dogs based on their personality and habits, we also track the entire adoption process and predict what a person might last with a dog and improve their quality of life.


United States of America

Challenge: Improve communication between real estate agents

Solution: Create an internal communications platform for real estate agents where teamwork, cross-selling and real estate opportunities will be enhanced.



Challenge: Effective Tax Collection / Response Analysis of State Police Officers in Jalisco, Mexico.

Solution: We developed a platform for collecting property taxes remotely as much of the population of owners are foreigners and hate to stand in line. The platform also helps to analyze the speed of response of officers on the street, based on the movement of patrols through GPS after receiving emergency calls.

Industrial Systems and Supply Inc

United States of America

Challenge: Collect, analyze, and predict effective information in agricultural and food processing environments

Solution: Allows agricultural and food plant operators to visualize the information collected by a data analysis unit located in a briefcase with sensors and processors that an operator connects to the plant in an effort to have a better understanding of the data in real time.

Américas BPS


Challenge: Know in detail the call conversations of customer service and sales agents and identify opportunities and problems

Solution: Thanks to Artificial Intelligence engines with Speech Analytics, we build and train Natural Language Processing models (NLP) by creating our own context algorithms to extract and understand conversations between the agent and callers in order to improve their quality of life in time and patience.

Towzing INC

United States of America

Challenge: Improve the way of contacting tow trucks via mobile device

Solution: We developed a mobile application to request cranes, in which there is information about times, costs, availability and can also track the collection process in time.

LGT Transport

United States of America

Challenge: Create an efficient Transportation Management System to automate the process of truck dispatch, goods receipt and truck driver finance.

Solution: We created and implemented a mobile application that can be used by truck drivers to inform about the process of loading, unloading and transporting product. It allows suppliers to track the nearest truck for freight forwarding. Also from this system you can manage the accounting part of withholding taxes, payments, loans and accumulation of money of the truck drivers.



Challenge: Synchronize in an efficient and simple way all the systems of the company with its clients, partners and employees.

Solution: Transforming the way this emblematic Colombian transportation company communicates and interacts with its clients has been one of our most relevant success stories. With our cloud services, security and Human Experience, we are able to implement and improve the interaction with the systems and boost the growth of their logistics operations. We help accelerate the processes and security of cloud services through Keybe's services and our Full Stack Service.

Contento BPS


Challenge: Improve communication channels, efficiency and reflect the spirit of one of the most important BPS companies in Colombia.

Solution: We upgraded the company's cloud systems and connected our automatic communications, login and Keybe identity services. We also implement an efficient data protection protocol that begins to reflect all processes. We are challenged to improve the way we understand the millions of calls that are made through our AI analytics services.



Challenge: Create efficient communication channels with people the company relates to, and improve the security and stability of their web platforms.

Solution: Fashion is one of the words to describe Colombia. We provide security and technology to one of the most important fashion companies in Latin America by helping to improve the way people connect to their events and negotiations. We help accelerate the processes and security of cloud services through Keybe's services and our Full Stack Service.



Challenge: Create efficient channels of communication with people and improve the security and stability of web platforms.

Solution: The most representative painting company in the Latin American market invited us to improve all their experience of communications and sales through Machine Learning and high doses of creativity, we improved substantially the way to interact with people achieving to create the first ecosystem of data of their customers and consumers through Keybe's services and our Full Stack Service.

Abad Faciolince


Challenge: Make the best system for selling and renting properties in Colombia.

Solution: With a permanent optimization and creativity, we managed to generate an unparalleled experience in Colombia to look for real estate dreams. With a secure and agile system, we connect clients and sellers with the offer, administration and payments of real estate through an App and a Webpage. Abad Faciolince's growth over the past 8 years has been relevant in the city. We help accelerate the processes and security of cloud services through Keybe's services and our Full Stack Service.

Cultura Profética

Latin America

Challenge: Connect band followers and get to know them better to communicate more accurately

Solution: Improve the way you communicate and meet the audience of the most acclaimed Latin Reggae band and one of our favorite bands is an honor, we empower music through the possibilities of Machine Learning and automated messages that help Cultura Profética to truly connect with people through our product Keybe.


Mexico & Colombia

Challenge: Accelerate music ventures

Solution: We invest in this accelerator of musical endeavors and empower them with relationship technology and finance, helping to improve creative economies and the financing of artistic careers.

Medellín Design Week


Challenge: Improve the way you access and participate in events

Solution: It is the most important week of design in Colombia, we took part in it from the beginning with technology to improve the experience of access to events and internal communications with campaigns and automatic messages through our product Keybe.

Medellín Music Week


Challenge: Help people access events and communicate better

Solution: Medellín as the epicenter of Post conflict, has had an unprecedented musical explosion influencing the world with the proposals that are born in the city. We help connect people and facilitate access to more than 60 events throughout the city through Keybe.


United States & Colombia

Challenge: Connect arts and culture followers and get to know them better to communicate more accurately.

Solution: We help to connect and know the public and promote art in different city spaces through unconventional interventions. Thanks to Keybe's services we are able to start consolidating a group of people active in Contemporary Art.



Challenge: Improving medical care and preventive health in Colombia

Solution: The global health system sometimes seems like a nightmare, we managed to connect 3 health institutions in Colombia to improve the way we serve patients and offer different specialties in medicine focused on a mantra of health prevention. Our product Keybe allowed communication between patients and doctors in an automated and secure way.

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