Jaya’s Top 10 Technology Trends in 2019

Are you tired of trying to keep up to date with all the Tech trends buzzing around lately?

Are you finding yourself unsure of what the future looks like in a few years?

Our daily lives, our workplaces and our interactions with one another have been and will continue to rapidly change.

You’ve probably noticed that the tech industry is dictating our future. This means we will need tons of trained people to drive different tech niches forward. The big question is:

What tech trends should we hon in on in 2019?

The answer is potentially endless. But to keep you from stressin’ we’ll look at the top 10 tech trends you should be looking out for.

1. 5G Networks

5G networks are the next big thing in the mobile industry. Our societal demand for data is greatly increasing and 4G is almost maxed out. 5G is going to be 10x faster than 4G, giving users endless possibilities with their mobile devices. 5G’s network is divided into smaller areas called cells. These cells allow you to automatically connect to new cells when on the move, keeping your data connection strong.

The biggest advancements with 5G happened recently in South Korea. On June 10th they announced they have reached over 1 million 5G subscribers in less than 3 months of launching 5G. Experts still haven’t stabilized 5G for mass use but we are definitely looking forward to what 2020 has in store for us.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. Voice automation, self-driving cars are just two huge markets brought to us by AI. AI’s Machine Learning and Deep Learning are becoming so prominent in our daily lives that it’s impossible to ignore.

In 2019 if your business isn’t using Artifical Intelligence you’re lagging behind. More and more people are realizing how AI’s accuracy level can impact us and businesses more than anyone needs to understand AI strategies to stay relevant in 2019.

For more info check out our article on Artificial Intelligence at our Hot Blog!

3. Robotic Automation

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, robotic automation has become has been under the spotlight this year. Self-driving cars, autonomous appliances, and drones are a few examples that have changed the way we do tasks in 2019. We have appliances that can help with household chores such as the Smart Home 2.0. Drones that span large areas of land to assist in the agriculture sector. And the take over of semi-self-driving cars is getting more prominent. So we better get used to having robots as colleagues, assistants and even Uber drivers.

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is exactly how it sounds. Any device that has a connection to the internet. Today it’s common for people to have TVs that have Netflix, Youtube etc. In 2019 people are taking things further. Our entire house can be connected to our phones so we can remotely turn off the stove or the light when we’ve left the house. It’s predicted that we’ll have up to 20.6 billion internet-connected devices by 2020. This means we need more trained engineers to keep up with this increase.

A factor to keep in mind with this boom in IoT is the need for cybersecurity for this rapid increase of devices being connected to the internet. Which takes us to #5 on the list.

5. Cyber Security

Cyber Security has been around forever but as we come to the end of 2019 we are seeing a drastic demand for security engineers to keep on top of all the developments in the tech world. Hackers are only getting smarter and have more tech spaces to invade. Since a lot of these tech innovations are relatively new (such as IoT) they are less secure making the need for cybersecurity crucial.

6. Blockchain

Blockchains can be simply defined as a database (chain) of digital information (block). What most people understand Blockchains to be is cryptocurrency aka Bitcoin. But why is that?

Blockchains are completely transparent data logs that cant be altered. This makes blockchains security level so high, which is why cryptocurrencies can be successful.

Blockchains are also being applied in areas such as supply chain, voting and the health care system to ensure privacy.

The focus on digital security is necessary so we can protect ourselves from people corruptly manipulating these developments in the tech world.

7. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

As explained here, Virtual Reality immerses the user in different realities, most popularly used for gaming. Where Augmented Reality brings digital elements to our natural environments, such as PokemonGo and Instagram’s or Snapchat’s live filter options.

In 2019 we’re seeing more practical applications of VR and AR. Both are being used to improve education, healthcare, and marketing strategies. Multiple projects took place at Harvard University showing how AR and VR can enhance the teaching and learning experience.

8. Quantum Computing

A quantum computer is like a normal computer on steroids. Normal computers operate on bits whereas quantum computers run on qubits. These qubits are what makes quantum computers so powerful.

IBM has recently made quantum computing more accessible in January of 2019 by releasing cloud-based access for the public to have affordable use for quantum computing.

There’s still a limited investment and research in quantum computers today but there are huge hopes for the future. Researchers are saying that with the development of quantum computers we could see an enormous change in chemistry, medical and pharmacological fields. As stated in this Forbes article could give us answers to big problems such as climate change, agriculture, and medicine.

9. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been around for decades but it still remains as relevant as ever. Cloud computing is defined as a service that uses the internet to store and access data rather than your own hard-drive. Thanks to the cloud you don’t have to resort to taking only one or two selfies, you can take millions and just save them to the cloud.

Businesses and big-name companies are all relying on the cloud and has proven to have huge impacts. In 2019 cloud computing has been trending based on its scalability, reliability and resilience.

An evolution from cloud computing that been catching people’s eye in 2019 takes us to our last trend… Edge computing.

10. Edge Computing

The cloud has become so popular that we’re reaching the limits of what we can do with decentralized networks. Edge Computing is the shiny new invention in 2019. With Edge our data is brought to the edge of the network, improving latency, security and bandwidth.

Edge computed evolved from the data access of IoT devices and the storage space of the cloud. Because we have more devices connected, the cloud can’t keep up with the traffic. Edge reduces the amount of data and the distances, bringing the data to our devices. We are currently seeing how Edge is improving areas such as health care and financial services.

Tech Trends aren’t going out of style

Tech trends aren’t like your bad 8th-grade hair cut.

2019’s Tech trends are here to stay.

No matter which trend fascinates you, many are intertwined and you can rest assured that the current trends are only getting started.

But you’re not going to just blinding take my advice and follow the heard.

You’re not going to be that person who buys an iPhone X and the newest Canon camera JUST because everyone has them.

Investigate past the brand and learn how technology is truly advancing and how it can impact you personally. We are all different and use technology differently so why do we treat it like a one size fits all market?

Our ignorance of the tech world will just have everyone “keeping up with the Joneses”.

Instead, we need more people like you committed to learning how tech can benefit our society’s values. Let’s take these trends and build a more technically conscious world.

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